Here’s some information to assist in getting to know us a little better and what is required for your Hot As A Pepper show.to come off without a hitch!

Need audio? Here’s a few tunes from recent rehearsals, just live recordings mashed together, no overdubbing – it is what it is.

Video promo compiled from Oct 2016 FFG show:

One Sheet for Hot As A Pepper party band - 2016
Hot As A Pepper 2016 One Sheet


This sheet tells just a bit about us…

Including contact info, styles and more

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Hot As A Pepper party dance and event band
Hot As A Pepper is a 5-8 piece party and dance band

Here’s an 8×10 for you.

This is what we look like.

Click to enlarge to full size.

(if you dare)





This is the 5 piece stage plot
Hot As A Pepper 5 piece stage plot

5 Piece Stage Plot:

This is where we are located on the stage, what mics and monitors you will need if YOU are providing sound. Otherwise, we will handle all of these details for you.






Hot As A Pepper 5 piece stage input list
Hot As A Pepper Stage Input List for 5 Piece

Stage Input List

This only applies if you are providing sound, otherwise – we’ve got it!

We are easy… If you need to rearrange this to suit your needs, then feel free to do so!

Please pay careful attention to the fact that Chip desires to hear himself in the monitor as he is heard out front, not a dry mix.